Tired of feeling like weeks are rolling by with no progress?

As a new coach it's exciting to dream about your new business and all that it is going to be and most coaches start out on fire and ready to go only to find themselves week after week getting more and more discouraged about what to do first, next and so on. 

Here's the truth, most new coaches haven't created the structure that they themselves will follow each week to grow their business.

BEST MONTH EVER is specifically designed for new coaches and consultants that are ready to see real progress. It takes DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE to show up to your business every week and that is what we will create in this class.

In this online course we will:

  • Develop the structure you need to come at your business like a real business owner each week.

  • Schedule your days and weeks around real business goals that include business development and client creation.

  • Create a routine that allows you the room you need to creatively and mentally to grow your business.

  • Balancing personal and business needs in a way that leads to harmony instead of burn out.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! Let's get started

    • Quick Hello From Mindy

    • An introduction to the class - Let's get started here.

  • 2


    • DECIDE to be a real business owner. Step into business ownership.

  • 3


    • Get clear about what it takes to grow YOUR business

  • 4

    Schedule It!

    • Schedule it: Organize your calendar Part 1

    • Step by Step: Part 2-Build your google calendar to match your mission.

  • 5

    BONUS: 30 Day Commitment Plan

    • Here is my 30 day planning workbook! It's all yours.

  • 6

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    • Join me on Facebook in my private group for new coaches


30 Day Business Goal Setting Workbook

  • Bonus: 30 day Business Goal Setting Workbook

    This is a perfect tool to take your 2020 up a notch by creating the weekly and monthly action